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Overview: Throughout the year, Needham Baseball and Softball will be operating clinics to help the girls improve their skills in all facets of the game.  We will have the following types of clinics run by professional instructors:
  • Pitching - working in one of the Needham gyms in a small group, these girls will bring their own catcher and get taught how to perform the windmill pitch.  Girls as young as 8 or 9 years old can begin to learn this throwing motion. 
  • Hitting - the proper instruction is key to learning how to be a good hitter.  These lessons will break down the hitting motion and teach the girls how to hit.  We have indoor balls and an indoor pitching machine to give the girls plenty of practice.
  • Throwing and Fielding - Learning how to throw the ball the proper way is a key to success in the game and it is also one of the easiest things that we can teach the girls.  They will definitely recognize themselves that they are getting better as they learn.  This awakening is really exciting to see.
  • Catching - Next to good pitching, the most important position is the catcher.  We will work to develop catchers from teaching them how to stop the balls that come their way to teaching them how to hold runners and how to throw them out when they get the chance.
These clinics are intended to supplement the skills development the girls will receive as part of their normal team practices and program based in-season group clinics. 

Cost:  The cost of each clinic varies somewhat depending on the number of sessions and the instructor.