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Spring Season Overview. Needham Baseball & Softball welcomes all girls to participate in our softball teams. Spring softball season is our most active and largest participated with teams that are formed based on grades. We will have a comprehensive program for girls from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The typical season runs from early April through mid-June. If Needham gyms are available to us in March, indoor weeknight practices will be scheduled for each team starting in mid-March

Rookie League (Kindergarten and 1st Grades):  This program is mostly focused on learning to throw, catch, field, and hit.  There will be more practice time than game time with fun softball related games that teach the fundamentals in a fun active environment.  This age group is an in-town league with no out-of-Needham travel, and is designed to start off more like a t-ball program.  Over the course of the spring season this age group will transition to coach pitch.

Minor League (2nd and 3rd Grades):  This program players will continue to develop basic fundamental skills of throwing, catching, fielding, and hitting.  There will be a mix of practices and games to facilitate player skill development.  This program will be an in-town, non-travel league with all games played in Needham.  Pitching will move from the initial coach pitch to player pitch, as soon as possible, with modified rules to avoid excessive walks. There will be playoffs for this league.

Major League (4th and 5th Grades):  This program continues with player development on softball skills and game strategy. The girls will be playing player pitch games in a local travel league with nearby towns including Wayland, Wellesley, and Weston. Needham will field multiple teams in this age group. There is a mix of practices and games to facilitate player skill development. There will be playoffs for this league.

Senior League (6th, 7th, and 8th Grades):  In this program, the girls will be playing games in a local travel league with nearby towns including Wayland, Wellesley, and Weston. Needham will field multiple teams in this age group. There is mix of practices and games to facilitate player skill development. The rules will closely resemble high school rules to help the girls take the next step and also prepare to try out for the high school teams. There will be playoffs for this league.

Team Formation:  There are no tryouts for our spring leagues. We gather player evaluations from coaches after each season. We form balanced teams based on evaluations and we try to accommodate requests but there is no guaratee that all friend requests can be honored. 

Player Expectations: Softball is a fun sport and provides ample opportunity for girls to bond through practices & games. Players are expected to follow the instructions & direction of their team of volunteer coaches. Players are expected to be respectful to teammates, coaches, umpires, and others who may be involved with the team. Players are expected to attend as many practices and games as possible and she will see her skills develop throughout the season. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Rookie League (K1) or Minor-Major-Senior (2-8) Director which can be found on our Board Contacts