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The Little League Challenger Division® is Little League’s adaptive baseball program.  This fun and instructional league will teach basic skills of baseball & softball.  Players will participate in drills, games and be part of a team.  Challenger is geared toward children with neurodivergent profiles and/or physical or intellectual differences but inclusive of any player who requires support to play the game.


The fundamental goal of the Little League Challenger Division is to provide an environment where participants can learn and enjoy the game of baseball in an environment structured to their abilities. Challenger Division participants have the opportunity to experience the joys of pulling together as a team and hearing the cheers of the crowd. In addition to learning the game of baseball, Challenger participants will learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.


Buddies are used to assist players in the areas of batting, fielding and base running when necessary.  In addition to assisting players, buddies should also help teach players baseball skills and fundamentals. It is important to remember that the role of the buddy is to assist when necessary and to help the participants learn the game, not to play the game for the participants.


The baseball skills and abilities of players on a typical Challenger team may vary greatly.  The coach of each team should work with the players and buddies to set individual goals for each player.  For some players, a goal may be learning how to throw a baseball, while for others a goal may be learning to field a ground ball, catch a fly ball or swing the bat without the assistance of a buddy.  Some players may even work towards improving their abilities so that they do not need regular assistance from a buddy.  As players improve their baseball skills, they enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they achieve their goals. 


When: Games will be played on Saturday at 3pm from late April 29 to June 10 (no session Memorial Day Weekend)

April 29, May 6, May 13, May 20, June 3 and June 10

Where: The Turf Diamond at Memorial



  • Ages 4-18 years (Up to 22-year-old if still enrolled in school)

Cost: Free

All players will receive a team hat and t-shirt.


Player Registration

Buddy Registration


Email Registrar @ vsaratella@gmail.com