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Little League Intermediate League

Learn all the rules of big diamond baseball, such as leading, pickoffs, balks, holding runners and dropped third strikes, while playing in Needham on a mid-size diamond.  Diamond size is a 50’ pitching distance and 70’ base paths.  This is the same sized diamond used by many AAU/Elite teams. 

The league will consist of 13 year old players and stronger 12 year old players.  

Twelve year old Intermediate League players retain their eligibility for the post-season Little League Tournament. 

A limited number of roster spots are available for 12 year olds and tryouts may be required.


Little League Big Diamond

Play on the MLB sized diamond!  All the MLB rules with 60’6” pitching and 90’ base paths.  This is the same size field as middle school, high school, college and pros.

The league will consist of 13 – 16 year old players and may be divided into older and younger divisions dependent on enrollment.  There is an end-of-season tournament opportunity. 

If you are playing middle school baseball, this is the league for you. 

Big Diamond players may additionally enroll in Rocket Travel, a competitive travel team playing around the region and enjoying winter season workouts.